All Scales of Genomic Analysis

Multiplex SNP Genotyping

Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS)

DNA Methylation Analysis

Conventional Sanger Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing

Sequencing and Resequencing

ChIP-Sequencing (ChIP-Seq)

Whole Transciptome Analysis (RNA-Seq)

Small RNA Discovery and Analysis


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The Right Technologies...

Illumina’s Next Generation Sequencing Platform for genome and exome sequencing, targeted resequencing, transcriptome analysis, and ChIP-sequencing.

Sequenom’s MassARRAY MALDI-TOF Platform for multiplex low-cost and high-throughput SNP genotyping, quantitative DNA methylation analysis, and gene quantitation.

Illumina and Affymetrix Array-Based Platforms for expression and whole-genome association studies.

Applied Biosystem’s Capillary-based Sequencing for fast and reliable DNA sequencing and microsatellite genotyping.

Preparation of High-quality DNA and RNA from various biological samples.

Long term storage of DNA/RNA samples and transformed cell lines.